Elda laboratory provides complete e-liquid and e-cigarette analysis

Antiseptics and disinfectants testing

Elda Laboratory is competent according to HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to carry out Testing of antiseptics and disinfectants

Smoking machine
Determination of alcohol content

Due to COVID pandemic, lot of manufacturers started producing antiseptics and disinfectants. Active substance in most of them is alcohol (ethanol). For disinfectant to be effective against germs and viruses such as COVID 19, alcohol content should be at least 70%. Elda Laboratory is able to perform Determination of alcohol content, up 0 % to 100 % (v/v) by density measurements with oscillation densitometer.

Migration-cell system
Determination of density

Density is used in production of antiseptics and disinfectants for identification of incoming raw materials and alcohol concentration determinations in final products. Elda Laboratory provides Determination of density by Oscillation method acording to HRN EN ISO 2811-3:2012 (ISO 2811-3:2011; EN ISO 2811-3:2011)