The Story about ELDA

About ELDA

The company Elda Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes in Europe. We have been active in selling electronic cigarettes and manufacturing e-liquids since 2008. Our latest success is the award from the greatest VapourFair in Frankfurt for the Best vapour product in 2016.

Our e-liquids are made of premium high quality EU ingredients in our own labs and cleanroom. Our nicotine is 99.9% pure, pharmaceutical grade. All of our products are produced in an ISO manufacturing plant in Croatia (EU). Our products are ECO friendly, GMO free, not tested on animals, extensively researched and analysed in a laboratory.

As one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers, we recognized the need for standards and appropriate testing of e-liquids and e-devices. Our expert team continually investigates various testing processes in order to provide the best laboratory services.

Our main goal is to raise e-liquid and e-cigarettes standards to ensure high quality products which are safe for its customers' use.

E-Liquid Testing is a critical part of what every retailer and producer must do as a responsible member of this industry.

If you are manufacturer, distributor or are an entrepreneur who is looking to start your own product line, please feel free to contact us for a consultation with the team of our chemical experts.

Our laboratory, accredited by Croatian Accreditation Agency, is equiped by the world-leading producer of analytical instrumentation.